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About Us

About Us

The Landis lab focuses on the ecology, conservation and management of insects in landscapes containing both natural and managed ecosystems. Research themes include: understanding the influence of landscape structure on insect ecology, design of sustainable landscapes to promote ecosystem services, invasive species ecology and management, and conservation/restoration of rare species and communities.

What's New:

  • Congratulations to Paul Charland and Dan Gibson who successfully defended their Masters this summer! 
  • Congratulations Dr. Wills! The Role of Ants in North America: A Review has been published in Oecologia! Read it here.
  • Congratulations! Doug Landis was recently named a University Distinguished Professor. Check out the video featuring his work here. He also recently received the Distinguished Scientist Award, from the International Organization for Biological Control, Nearctic Regional Section (IOBC-NRS).
  • Check out 98.7's The Morning Mixtape "Wanna Study Bugs With Me?" "I Do" featuring our very own PhD Candidate Sara Hermann and her husband Jared Ali as they discuss insects and married entomology life! View it from her website here.
  • Congratulations! Our post doc Bill Wills has accepted a faculty position as Assistant Professor with an ecology emphasis in the Department of Biology at DePauw University in Indiana!
  • Congratulations! Recent Landis lab post doc Christie Bahlai has accepted a faculty postion as Quantitative Ecologist in the Department of Biological Sciences at Kent State University in Ohio!
  • Congratulations! Our undergrad research assistant Lindsey Hawkins has accepted a postition with the USFWS working on invasive sea lamprey control and management in various streams around Vermont, New York, and Quebec. Best of luck Lindsey!
  • Congratulations! Andrew Myers was awarded both the Ray and Bernice Hutson Memorial Entomology Endowment Fund Research Proposal and the 2017 Kellogg Farm Graduate Student Mini-grant to help further his research on monarch butterfly conservation.
  • Congratulations! Dan Gibson won Best Student Oral Presentation at the Chapter Meeting of the Midwest-Great Lakes Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration (MWGL-SER) held in Grand Rapids, MI. In addition, Dan was also awarded as a Bug House Fellow by the Department of Entomology here at MSU for his wonderful service in leading Bug House tours!
  • Check out our new update from our current USDA SARE funded research project exploring which native plants in dry soils are most attractive to beneficial insects!
  • Congratulations!! Lab alumni Megan Woltz accepts position as Assistant Professor of Biology at Lindenwood University (August 2015). Megan will be teaching courses in ecology and biodiversity, as well as advising undergraduate research
  • Lab welcomes new graduate students! Sara Hermann joined the lab in spring 2015 and is focusing her PhD research on non-consumptive effect of predators. Dan Gibson’s MS research examines the role of native plants in supporting natural enemies in agricultural landscapes.
  • Welcome to Paul Charland who started an MS in Fall 2014! Paul is a fire biologist with the US Fish and wildlife Service based in E. Lansing, MI 
  • Check it out! Our Post Doc Christie Bahlai was featured in LTER Network News for her workshop teaching computational skills for "Open Science"
  • We recently caught up with Jeffrey Evans, a former PhD student in the Landis lab! Jeff is a USDA-ARS postdoc working with other former lab member Adam Davis. Jeff lives in Concord, NH and "telecommutes" to the University of Illinois.  Adam and Jeff are developing spatial simulation models of how to manage the spread herbicide resistance in agricultural weeds.
  • Dr. Christie Bahlai Teaches Skills for Open Science at the University of Michigan
  • Check out Dr. Landis's presentation "Role of Landscape Design in Mitigating Agricultural Intensification" for the 2014 Entomological Society of America meeting in Portland, OR.
  • Our newest Post Doc Bill Wills’ new paper gets a shout out from Ent. Soc. of America
  • We are very pleased to announce the arrival of our new Post Doc Bill Wills from The University of Illinois!
  • Landis lab alumni Dr. Mary Gardiner (PhD 2008) was recently promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at The Ohio State University, Department of Entomology.  Mary and her students work on a range of issues focusing on biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban ecosystems.  To learn more about her work visit:
  • Landis Lab alum Brendan Carson (MS 2013) is currently a research associate in the “Invasives to Energy Project” in the Institute of Environmental Sustainability at Loyola University Chicago.  Brendan spends his summers doing research for the project at the University of Michigan Biological Station at Pellston, MI.
  • Christie Bahlai was featured in Nature’s online News & Comment section.  The lady beetle research she mentions is funded by our NSF LTER project and she also contributes to the GLBRC Biodiversity team.
  • Check out Mitchell Lettow's Forest Ecology and Management paper on oak savanna restoration strategies
  • We are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest graduate student Marissa Schuh from Luther College!
  • Congratulations Ben Werling and Doug Landis for their recent PNAS paper entitled Perennial grasslands enhance biodiversity and multiple ecosystem services in bioenergy landscapes
  • Brendan Carson graduates from MSU with an M.S. in Entomology; Ecology Evolutionary Behavior and Biology and takes a position as Field Science Educator with NatureBridge at Yosemite National Park.
  • Congratulations Dr. Megan Woltz in receiving the IOBC NRS Robert J. O'Neil Outstanding PhD Student in Biological Control Award!
  • Congratulations! Dr. Doug Landis has received the honor of Outstanding Alumnus Award from North Carolina State University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). Read more.
  • Megan Woltz graduates with a PhD in Entomology; Ecology Evolutionary Behavior and Biology and takes a Post Doctoral Research position at Oregon State University
  • Mitchell Lettow graduates from MSU with an M.S. in Entomology; Ecology Evolutionary Behavior and Biology and takes a position as Stewardship Specialist with the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy
  • We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Post-Doctoral Associate Aaron Fox from North Carolina State University
  • Congratulations! Dr. Doug Landis has been named Distinguished Faculty for 2013 by the MSU All-University Awards Committee
  • Check out Megan Woltz's presentation given at the National Science Foundation's LTER Mini-Symposium in Washington D.C.
  • See Christie Bahlai’s new paper on a mechanistic  population model for soybean aphid and its natural enemies at Ecological Modelling
  • See our new Spotted Knapweed Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions resources
  • Mitch Lettow won first prize for his student poster presentation at the recent Midwest-Great Lakes Society for Ecological Restoration meeting. “Flowering plant and pollinator response to oak savanna restoration. Lettow, MC, LA Brudvig, and DA Landis. Midwest-Great Lakes Society for Ecological Restoration Annual Meeting, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. 5/4/2012.”
  • Doug Landis gives radio interview "Invasive Species Success Story: Purple Loosestrife"
  • See Megan Woltz's AGEE paper on how landscape influences insect natural enemies
  • Ben Werling’s Extension Bulletin on Biodiversity Services and Bioenergy Landscapes
  • PNAS article on Landscape Simplification and Insecticide Use
  • Read about our travel in central Asia.
  • See Anna Fiedler's American Entomologist article about Insectapod
  • Ecological Applications cover story: Landscape diversity enhances biological control.
  • PNAS article on biofuels and biological control services.
  • Frontiers article on arthropod-mediated ecosystem services.

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